Online tutoring guide for tutors of Jammu and Kashmir


Online tutoring jobs are a fast-enlarging sector of the education world, and it’s not as hard to interrupt into as you would possibly think. Whether you’re an experienced tutor hoping to grow your business or simply starting out, there’s employment out there that's suitable for your expertise. From test pep to acquisition, these are some of the most effective options for tutors searching for online work now.

Why Should You Become an Online Tutor?

  • You will be having flexibility to work wherever and whenever you feel like.
  • Getting in touch with students and other people from all around the globe.
  • Much easier to organise than the in person tutoring.
  • Online tutor’s salaries can be quite considerable.
  • In comparison to the in person tutoring which requires other financial costs like transportation fees, additional study materials etc.
  • More and more new opportunities as in case you have the idea of becoming self-employed, being an online tutor can be a full-time activity as well. But on the other hand you can also choose to keep it as a side job, as an additional income.

How Does Online Tutoring Work?

  • Working on online tutoring sites can vary tremendously from person to person or from one organisation to another.
  • Some organisations use only the website only but in other organisations there is mix usage of the website with alternative sources.

What Are the Requirements to Work as an Online Tutor?

Online tutoring can be divided mainly into two categories.

  • Tutoring sessions which are given right through the Internet using e- books, journals and video calls.
  • Tutoring sessions where students can directly contact the tutor via website directly.
  • Online tutors should be expert in their subjects, this expertise is obtained through the formal education and college or university degree programs.
  • Furthermore some companies prefer tutors with qualifications that are specific to their subject only.
  • With the case of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate would be required for the tutors teaching English to non-native students.
  • Some positions also require a state-issued or nation-issued teaching credential as well as classroom teaching experience.
  • Tutor training programs are also available online generally which covers the subjects like communication skills for the classroom, psycho dynamics, listening and talking strategies.
  • Some programs also teach business-building concepts for extramural tutors.
  • Online tutors may choose to be professionally certified or accredited.

How Much Can Online Tutors Earn?

Your earning is largely dependent on a number of factors:

  • Your credentials
  • Your Tutoring Medium
  • Your Subject Area
  • Your Demand
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Your Credentials

  • People are more willing to pay you, if you are more capable it’s generally the same for any job in any field.
  • According to the guesstimate, high school students, individuals with a bachelor’s degree and master’s degrees can earn up to ₹ 15,000-₹20,000 on a monthly basis if they are consistent.
  • There are slight variations in the earning in different geographic regions, Larger and well off nations will be willing to pay higher rates especially in the areas with less tutors in that particular subject they may let you set your own rates.

Your Tutoring Medium

  • This could be the biggest deciding factor of this list, the medium you choose you choose for offering your services matters the most.
  • Preferably people teaching in English are paid more than the other medium tutors as English speaking tutors will be able to communicate with more students all over the world.

Your Subject Area

  • Not only academic subjects like physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry and other speciality courses are paid well. But there is so much more you could do other than simple academic tutoring.
  • Addition of the skills such as playing a musical instrument or art coaching one-on-one and you can see just how diversified tutoring can be.

Your Demand

  • The main target should be to put on what you can offer that no one else can. Probably you are just a good academic but offer quick wit and humor with tutoring for your students.
  • You can even help your students to alleviate their stress levels before their tests with your storytelling skills which can act as a catch.
  • Granted, you are going to have to be skilled at your specialty so as to show others.
  • Deciding the demand for your skill also as your specific ability to show it'll assist you determine what you're worth usually through experimenting with different prices.

What are the most popular subjects for online tutoring?

  • For the children aged between five to twelve, the main focus is on the subjects like Mathematics and English.
  • As the children progress with their level of education to the secondary school, Mathematics still remains the important subject along with the Physics, Chemistry, Biology and other Languages.
  • Physical subjects like dance, music, art or even PE may be difficult to teach in the online teaching platform but not impossible but I’m pretty sure there are many people out there who are making out of it very well.

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