Turing work from home jobs for Jammu and Kashmir


Work from home with good amount of money is a what everyone wants. Many companies around the world are offering work from home jobs. Many people from Jammu and Kashmir are also looking for work from home jobs. The job offering is either part time or full time. One can choose either of the two. There is no strict rule fot that. One such company which offers work from home jobs is Turing. 

About Turing 

Turing is a American based hiring company. Turing is led by two A.I entrepreneurs namely Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan. Both are Stanford University alumni. Turing hires software engineers from all over the world. These software engineers are able to work for US based software companies. Software engineers can work either as part time or full time with company. The payment related thing is all covered by Turing itself. 

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Is Turing Legit? 

In case of work from home, the first question in our mind arises. Which is whether the company is legit or not. So don't worry about as Turing is safe and legit. Companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and many more companies are backing Turing. 

Things to know before applying

  • A minimum of 3 years of work experience in field of software engineering.  
  • Good fluent English communication skills. 
  • Further more, you should be available at the choosen time schedule. In other words, you are able to work from home with proper time management. 
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Why Turing? 

  • Work from home i.e working with US based company without even visiting to USA. In other words, you do not need VISA. 
  • Very good salary, so good you don't have to do other job. 
  • You will learn a lot. As Turing has engineers from all around the world. You have a chance to join this very exceptional family. In addition to this, Engineers from Google, Amazon etc are also working with Turing. 

How to apply?

1. Click here to signup for Turing and complete your profile. 

2. After completing your profile. Take Turing test in area of expertise. In addition to this, Turing tests are bit longer but results are fruitful. 

3. After qualifying Turing test. Turing will conduct an interview. 

4. The last step which is onboarding. After this Turing will help you in working with silicon based company. 

Further more, the type of jobs in Turing are as follows

In order to make it easier to understand. I am breaking it into three parts. 

1. Based on your skills like Python, Java, SQL etc. 

2. Based on Your Role like front end, back end etc.

3. Last, Based on level of seniority.